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Introduction and Background Information 
Crest Projects Ltd is a wholly indigenous firm owned and managed by a group of young and resourceful professionals. We were incorporated under the companies and Allied Matters Decree of 1980 with a commitment to providing efficient services to our clients with a staff of highly qualified and resourceful personnel.

We have provided services in various phases of the project cycle from conception, planning, design, construction or supervision of project implementation, post-project evaluation, and facilities management. Over the years, we have been engaged in various sectors of the economy, offering services in electrical, mechanical, civil, highway/transportation, structural, environmental engineering, and consultancy. Crest Projects is also engaged in water resources provision/management and information technology.

Our Mission

At Crest Projects, our mission is to provide efficient and effective services to our clients at an affordable cost and to deliver each project within budget and agreed time frame. Our objectives include satisfying the needs of our clients by providing value on their project investments, keeping track of progress of projects through project monitoring, appraising projects through structured evaluation systems, providing adequate documentation for projects, utilizing the principle of information technology applicable to projects from inception to completion, and managing facilities on completion.

We keep track of progress of projects through project monitoring and appraise projects through structured evaluation systems. We provide adequate documentation for projects to facilitate their conformity and/or restraint on defaulters in order to prevent loss on investments. We utilize the principle of information technology, applicable to project from inception to completion and manage facilities on completion.

Company Activity Armed with a wealth of experience, Crest Projects principals and staff provide project services in various areas. We cover a broad range of project management, engineering work, and associated disciplines.

The One of Best Civil Engineering Companies in Abuja​

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