Our Services

Structural Engineering & Construction

We have undertaken the design and supervision of various buildings and structures in parts of the country. Our completed projects include residential and commercial buildings, storage tanks, structural surveys, stadia, refurbishment of buildings, and cell sites for mobile communication.

Transportation & Highways

At Crest Projects, we recognize that a good transportation network is an essential ingredient to the growth and economic advancement of this country – we are therefore equipped with the necessary personnel to provide services in the transportation sector in areas such as urban and regional transportation planning, preliminary and final engineering designs, route location studies, bridges, roads and railways, and rehabilitation studies.

Surveying and Aided Design

Our surveying and computer-aided design services include cadastral surveys, route alignment surveys, topographic surveys, engineering surveys, photogrammetry, software development (CAD-based), CAD applications, modelling, and simulation.

Water Resources Engineering

Crest Projects is involved in water resources services. We participate in the feasibility study and preparation of designs of water project critical to the needs of people such as irrigation, water transmission, etc. Our water resources services also include urban and rural water supply (borehole) and rehabilitation studies.

Some of our Completed Projects

Work With Us

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